Terms and conditions of Services

1. General provisions

These Terms and Conditions of Service contain provisions relating to the ordering process, payment and cancellation of services provided on the Website. By purchasing services on the www.konsus.lt online services platform, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and undertake to comply with them. It should be noted that these Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding contract between the Service Provider and the Service Recipient.

Definitions used in the Rules:

Service Provider – UAB "Konsauditas", company code 304584203, VAT payer code LT100011941018, address Laisvės al. 42-2, LT-44246 Kaunas.

Website visitor – A person who visits the Website and does not register on the Website and who does not have the opportunity to subscribe to paid services on the Website.

Service recipient – A person of legal age who is registered on the Website and who uses the paid services offered by the Service Provider on the Website.

The Service Provider and the Service Recipient are collectively referred to in these Terms as the "Parties".

2. How to order services on the website

In order to receive a live consultation, the client must choose the appropriate type of consultation (by telephone, video conference or at a KONSUS branch) and fill in the request form (indicate the appropriate type of service and the appropriate field of activity from the list provided, select the preferred specialist and describe his/her situation on which he/she wishes to be consulted and, if necessary, attach the relevant documents). Once you have provided the information, the next step is to choose a date and time that suits you. For the final booking of the consultation time, the payment of the order must be made by the method of your choice (bank card or bank transfer). By making the payment, the client confirms that he/she has read, understood and accepts the terms and conditions of the service and confirms his/her reservation. The Service User shall be informed of the successful payment of the order by the email address indicated in his/her user account. The Service Provider, after confirming the order made by the Service User, shall send to the Service User's email address indicated by him/her a calendar link with the booked time of consultation. If a video conferencing consultation is selected, a link to the video conferencing programme shall also be sent to the Service User. Upon confirmation of the booking from the Service Provider, the Service User shall ensure that he/she has the necessary means of communication at the time of the consultation and, for the video-conferencing consultation, a working Internet connection.

If the client chooses a written consultation, he/she must fill in a request form (indicating the appropriate type of service and the appropriate field of activity from the relevant list provided and describing his/her situation for which he/she wishes to be consulted, attaching relevant documents if necessary). By sending a request for a written consultation, the Service User confirms his/her acceptance of the terms and conditions of service and his/her commitment to comply with them. After the Service User has successfully submitted a request on the KONSUS online services platform, the Service Provider shall contact the Service User within 48 hours from the receipt of the request, during the specified working hours. If the Service Provider has no further questions, the Service Provider shall respond to the submitted request within 72 hours of the payment of the submitted request, during the specified working hours. In the event of missing data in the request, the Service Provider may ask for clarification. After a final assessment of the data and documents provided by the Service Recipient, the Service Provider shall draw up an invoice with the amount of the order indicated therein. After payment of the invoice submitted by the Service Provider, the Service User shall continue to receive written advice. Otherwise, if the Service Recipient fails to pay the invoiced amount within the time limit specified in the invoice, the order shall be cancelled within 5 working days.

Consultations can be provided in Lithuanian, English or Russian languages.

Remote consultations (by telephone or videoconference) are not recorded.

The Service Provider shall provide advice based on the data provided by the Service User. The Service Provider shall be limited to the documents and information provided by the Service Recipient, without carrying out any procedures to verify their accuracy. The Service Provider shall not be liable for the correctness, accuracy and completeness of the documents and data provided by the Service Recipient.Therefore, the Service Recipient understands that if he/she provides inaccurate or incorrect data, he/she will be solely responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the content of the consultation.

The Service User's personal data is processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy published on the Website, which is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

The Service Provider undertakes not to disclose to third parties any information provided to it by the Service Recipient which is considered to be a contractual secret between the Service Recipient and the Service Provider, except as provided by law.

It is forbidden to copy or otherwise distribute the content provided on the KONSUS online services platform without the prior consent of the Service Provider.

3. Price and payment for services provided on the website

Payments on the KONSUS online services platform can be made by bank transfer, using a bank card or in cash at the KONSUS office.

A written consultation costs from €100, a remote or live consultation via the KONSUS e-services platform from €70. The price for remote or live consultations is in euros per hour (minimum booking time is 30 minutes).

If the consultation lasts less than 30 minutes, there is no refund for unused time.

If the Service User does not connect to the consultation within 15 minutes of the start of the consultation time, the amount of the consultation paid by the Service User shall be deemed to be the Service Provider's minimum loss and shall not be refunded to the Service User. If the consultation does not take place due to connectivity problems, an alternative time and/or method of consultation shall be arranged by mutual agreement between the Parties.

4. Cancellation of an order placed on the Website

The website provides live consultations, with a specific date and time for the provision of the services set out in the order, which does not give the Service Recipient the right to withdraw from the Service Contract within the period of 14 days, as set out in Article 6.22810(1) of the Civil Code.

For a live consultation (by phone, video conference or KONSUS branch), the reservation can be cancelled or rescheduled at least 1 day before the scheduled start of the consultation and the full amount paid will be refunded. Otherwise, cancellation of a live consultation booking less than 1 day before the scheduled start of the consultation will not result in a refund of the amount paid for the consultation.

A written consultation booking can only be cancelled if the Service Provider has not yet started the booking (the status of the booking is communicated by email and in the user's account on the website).

Reservations can be cancelled in the following ways:

1. When a Service User cancels a time reservation on their account.

2. By contacting the Service Provider directly at the contacts (email) indicated on the Service Provider's website. Also, reservations for consultations on the website shall be cancelled if the Service Provider does not receive payment from the Service Recipient on time. The payment of the reservation is not refundable to the Service Recipient after the consultation has been provided.

5. Dispute resolution

The Parties shall resolve any disagreements arising out of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions through negotiation. In the event of failure to reach an agreement, disputes shall be settled in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

6. Concluding provisions

The Service Provider reserves the right to make changes to the Site and the Services at any time without notice to the Site Visitor and the Service Recipient..

These Terms and Conditions of Service and the relationship between the parties arising hereunder shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

The Parties shall be exempted from liability for partial or total non-performance of their obligations under the Contract if such non-performance is due to circumstances of force majeure. In the event of such circumstances, the Parties shall inform each other of the occurrence and possible termination of the said circumstances without delay, but at the latest within five (5) calendar days of the occurrence of such circumstances, and shall agree on the next steps.

Updated: 2023-03-31