About the field of activity

Public procurement and regulation

Procurement is an effective way for a company to increase the volume of orders. The contracting authority (state, municipality or other public body) belongs to the public sector and is therefore a very reliable customer and partner. In this case, each supplier can be sure that the work carried out will be paid for, as this client will not go bankrupt or disappear. In many sectors, such as energy, transport, the environment, social protection, education, medicine and healthcare, it is the public authorities that are the main buyers.

Public procurement increases the competitiveness of businesses in the market. Often, public tenders and their performance attract a lot of media attention, and the publicity given to a company's name ensures its future prospects. Such publicity in the marketplace is particularly important for small start-ups, for which public tenders can be an excellent opportunity to get noticed.

Goods, services or works acquired through public tendering are held to a high standard of quality by the public as they are intended to serve the public interest. In a context of high public scrutiny, every step taken by those involved in public procurement is important and they must carefully comply with all legal requirements.

KONSUS assistance in public procurement

KONSUS experts will ensure a smooth procurement process for both bidders and contracting authorities.

KONSUS experts for public procurement participants (suppliers):

  • Advise on the preparation and submission of tenders in public procurement
  • Represent you in negotiations
  • Represent you in pre-trial and judicial proceedings
  • Advice on all aspects of public procurement, including European Union funding.

KONSUS experts for contracting authorities:

  • Advise on the drafting of public sale and purchase agreements and other tender documents
  • Assist in the preparation of responses to suppliers' queries and to complaints and other types of enquiries received
  • Represent you in negotiations
  • Represent you in pre-trial and judicial proceedings
  • Assist with internal audits of contracting authorities, public procurement and audits of completed procurements.

Last updated: 31-03-2023