About the field of activity

The real estate sector and its legal framework

The real estate sector is a highly dynamic area. It has been growing rapidly in Lithuania in recent years, and the country's population has been allocating more and more of its savings and investments to it, with the biggest jump in real estate in a decade recorded in 2021.

As the economic situation in the EU and Lithuania continues to improve, not only is the number of new businesses expanding and growing, but also the demand for new plots of land, real estate such as housing, new offices, logistics warehouses, etc.

KONSUS assistance in real estate transactions

In order to carry out any real estate transaction correctly and successfully, it is essential to have a good knowledge of the legislation governing it. 

KONSUS experts:

  • Help you set up your company - organise incorporation documents, advise you on the legal form of your company, its management structure and financial reporting. Prepare internal documents (job descriptions, rules of procedure). Advice, legal representation and other services, as necessary, in the further stages of the company
  • Advise on territorial planning, land acquisition, lease, sublease
  • Advise on real estate acquisition transactions, construction, construction supervision, brokerage, purchase and sale of real estate, lease, mortgage agreements
  • Prepare for notarial transactions
  • Represent you in contract negotiations
  • Represent you in obtaining building permits, approval of zoning documents
  • Represent you before public authorities in relation to compensation for damages, enforcement of contracts
  • Advise you on other sectors related to real estate law: environmental, energy, construction, transport and logistics, public procurement.

Last updated: 31-03-2023