About the field of activity

Concept and legal framework for the construction and engineering sector

It is estimated that the construction and engineering sector today employs almost 12% of the total workforce. A separate branch of law, construction law, has been created to regulate this field of activity, which is important for both the social and economic development of society.

The latter branch of law determines the requirements for the construction of buildings, the performance of engineering works and the rights and obligations of construction business entities arising from them. Persons in the construction and engineering sector must also have knowledge of contract law, contract law, development law, labour law, administrative norms, the specifics of licensing and permitting of professionals, and environmental requirements.

Understanding not only the construction industry, but also the legal aspects related to it, is essential for the successful and smooth development of construction activities.

Statyba ir inžinerija

KONSUS expert support in the field of construction and engineering activities

KONSUS experts will help you avoid problems and disruptions caused by a lack of professional knowledge by providing timely and qualified assistance.

KONSUS experts:

  • Assist in the legal relations between construction participants (contractor, subcontractor, client, suppliers, etc.)
  • Advise on design law, construction law, operation of constructed buildings and environmental issues
  • Prepare construction contracts complying with legal requirements and carry out legal evaluation of contracts
  • In the field of labour law, prepare contracts between employee and employer (employment contracts, regulations, rules of conduct for employees) and advice on other labour law matters
  • In view of the investment projects initiated by the State and the European Union (EU) for the construction sector and the resulting opportunities for its expansion, it will offer a company formation service
  • Advise on the establishment of the management structure, the legal form of the company, the appointment of the manager and other management bodies, the formation of the share capital, and prepare incorporation documents
  • Advice on financial and accounting issues. Provide services of a chief accountant, accounting valuation, audit and review.
  • Advise on national and foreign taxation and posting of employees.

Last updated: 31-03-2023