About the field of activity

Concept and legal framework of medical audit

The minimum requirements for the quality of personal healthcare services are laid down in the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, which regulates that healthcare institutions must organise internal medical audit activities to assess and improve the quality of personal healthcare services.

Medical audits show whether healthcare services are being delivered in line with established standards and requirements, and show providers where they are performing well and where there is room for improvement. Meanwhile, patients can be confident that they will receive appropriate, safe and professional services.

In today's healthcare system, properly completed medical records and the policies and procedures used in practice are key factors in ensuring the quality of healthcare services.

Proper documentation accurately reflects the care provided and the condition of each patient, which in turn simplifies future patient care and minimises the chances of costly errors.

Quality healthcare starts with well-designed and well-implemented internal policies, procedures and the ability of healthcare staff to use them. Well-drafted documents help, not hinder, the work.

KONSUS support for medical audits

According to the laws of our country, every healthcare provider, regardless of the scope and profile of the services, is obliged to carry out internal medical audits. This procedure is specific and requires legal knowledge.

KONSUS experts:

  • Assess all factual circumstances that may affect the quality of healthcare services: compliance of medical documents and internal procedures and descriptions, medical staff, premises, medical devices with legal requirements.
  • Record and periodically analyse non-compliance with quality indicators. KONSUS experts will implement changes to the processes of improving the quality of healthcare services based on the results of the analysis.
  • Develop realistic procedures and descriptions for your institution, taking into account the specifics of your institution's activities. This will help your staff to work more efficiently and ensure the quality of services provided to your clients.
  • Provide professional legal services to patients, representatives of personal healthcare institutions, doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Our team will assist our clients in a variety of areas:

  • provision of medical services,
  • protecting patients' rights,
  • liability for medical errors,
  • the validity of the results of inspections by health sector regulators,
  • compensation for damages,
  • licensing of medical practice,
  • the legal aspects of the licensing and establishment of healthcare institutions, from the instruments of incorporation to internal rules of procedure.
  • Carry out an assessment of the accounting records of healthcare institutions, checking the compliance of the documents prepared by the accountant working in the health care establishment with tax and legal requirements (service of the Chief Accountant). This will give a clear picture of the financial situation of the healthcare institution and enable informed decisions to be taken in its management.

Last updated: 31-03-2023