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Concept and legal regulation of imports and exports

Imports and exports are an integral part of modern business. It is one of the easiest ways to enter world trade and creates huge employment opportunities, helps to meet the needs of a country's citizens and provides access to goods and services of the highest technological standards.

International trade law is a highly complex and constantly evolving area. Exporters and importers have recently been confronted with a wide range of global challenges, from the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union ("Brexit"), including the uncertainties surrounding the Northern Ireland Protocol, to the protracted coronavirus pandemic.

Preparing and obtaining foreign trade licences and documents is a complex and challenging area. Certain products such as narcotic and psychotropic drugs and pharmaceuticals, electricity, civil pyrotechnics, weapons, ammunition and parts thereof, agricultural and military equipment can only be exported and imported with licences.

Often, for a company with international activities and a desire to secure a competitive advantage on the world market, it is worth considering the establishment of a branch in a foreign country.

Knowledge of the legal framework governing international trade rules is particularly important, as non-compliance, or failure to properly comply with the law, can result in significant fines for a company carrying out export and/or import activities.

KONSUS assistance in importing and exporting goods and services

KONSUS experts specialise in and understand the legal requirements for a company seeking to trade internationally. Our expert advice helps our clients' companies to obtain an import/export licence for their activities in accordance with the legal procedures.

KONSUS experts:

• Provide all the information you need to operate legally. Proper implementation of the legislation will prevent any negative consequences that may arise for your company

• Help with setting up a company - the company formation service will include advice on the procedure for setting up a company, as well as on tax issues (including taxes abroad) and the posting of employees abroad. You will also help you decide which legal form you should choose - a subsidiary or a branch

• Advise on import and export tax issues

• Introduce with employment law and prepare all the necessary documentation

• Represent you in trade disputes.

Last updated: 31-03-2023