About the field of activity

Economic concepts and legal framework

Lithuania's ever-growing economy, rising consumption and business development are all inseparable from compliance with legal requirements.

The changing legal framework, the emergence of new financial instruments, the digitalisation of finance, and changes in fiscal discipline are all complex processes that require a thorough understanding.

Whether it's a determination to start your own business or a desire to optimise the costs of an existing business and increase revenues and profits, there are many complex situations to face. The success of any business or other activity depends directly on this financial literacy.

KONSUS assistance in the economic and financial sector

When starting a business, it is important to understand many areas when deciding to invest.

KONSUS experts:

  • Help you set up a business. It will offer a company formation service for people who decide to start an economic activity. This service includes legal advice, during which our experts will help you choose the right legal form for your company, prepare your incorporation documents and other internal documents (rules of procedure, job descriptions)
  • Help you set up an international company. KONSUS experts will also offer a company formation service for people seeking to carry out international economic activities: legal and tax (including foreign tax) advice in the country of the client's choice. If necessary, they will also provide legal assistance in the further stages of the company
  • Advise and represent you before public authorities on permits and licences for your activities
  • Ensure proper implementation of anti-money laundering requirements. The law provides for very strict liability for these serious infringements. To help the company avoid any problems that may arise due to a lack of knowledge of anti-money laundering requirements, KONSUS experts will provide all relevant information.
  • Help with financial management. KONSUS experts will offer a wide range of accounting services, providing all the information you need for successful financial management.

Last updated: 31-03-2023