Waste treatment
Any business or individual consumer generates waste every day. It is estimated that a European generates around 5 tonnes of waste every year and only 38% of waste in the European Union (EU) is recycled. The EU has adopted the Circular Economy Roadmap, which sets out regulatory measures for products at different stages of their life cycle, with the aim of preparing the economy for a greener future, boosting competitiveness, protecting the environment and empowering consumers.
Transport and logistics
The ever-growing transport and logistics sector is one of the key economic sectors in the EU and worldwide.
Medicine and healthcare
Medicine and healthcare is a vital and necessary activity for society. As one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world, its industry and activities require a comprehensive and rigorous regulatory framework.
Building and engineering
The construction and engineering sector is one of the most important parts of the Lithuanian and EU economy, accounting for almost 8% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP).
Posting of labour
The world is becoming more global every day, and so is the movement of labour abroad.
Imports and exports of goods and services
Foreign trade is an important factor in a country's economic growth and development, and in its integration into the world market. Both imports and exports enable it to participate in world trade. Modern business is unthinkable without imports and exports.
Economy and finance
The economy includes all activities related to the production, consumption and trade of goods and services. A functioning market economy, based on private property, different forms of ownership of production, the free exchange of goods and services between economic agents and contractual relations, is the foundation of any country.
Real estate operations
These transactions include the sale, purchase, mortgage, etc., of land and other items relating to land, buildings, and many other items recognised by law as immovable property.
Public procurement
Public procurement means the purchase of goods, services or works by a contracting authority, regulated by the Public Procurement Law.

Insights and news

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"It doesn't take much effort to do something: it takes a real effort to decide what to do." (Fr. McKinney Hubbard)
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"A wise person always weighs up the benefits and losses when considering an action plan. If he sees the benefits in difficult situations, his efforts are to be trusted; if he sees the loss in obvious benefits, he can overcome the difficulties." (Sun Tzu)
Risks: does your business have immunity? Compliance risks (III)
"Stop thinking of us entrepreneurs as potential criminals and fraudsters! This is nothing more than a silly public myth from the Wild 1990s!" (Head of the Lithuanian Business Confederation)
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"When things are orderly, expect disorder: when things are calm, expect unrest. This is the ability to control the mind." (Sun Ji)

Frequently asked question

What are the advantages of becoming a KONSUS customer?

KONSUS's biggest advantage is its team of experts from a wide range of fields. This allows us to adapt individually to each client's needs, to assess risks in a wide range of areas and to provide the most appropriate services.

KONSUS's top priority is the interests of the client and the successful resolution of the problem.

How are KONSUS services different from those provided by other service providers?

KONSUS offers an exclusive E-platform where you can get quick answers to your questions.

In which areas do KONSUS Group experts advise?

KKONSUS provides a wide range of expert services in the areas of law, accounting, financial accounting and tax. A significant part of KONSUS' services also includes business advisory services: drafting business transactions and contracts, advising on transforming and expanding a business, operating under state-defined conditions, and maintaining relations with market regulators in Lithuania and abroad. Our experts also advise on environmental and medical issues.

The most appropriate team of experts is selected for each individual case.

How convenient is it to use KONSUS services?

You don't have to go to a live meeting - just use the interactive E-platform.

Why should you choose the KONSUS E-platform?

The KONSUS e-platform allows services to be delivered from anywhere in the world, saving not only customers' time, but also fuel, contributing to sustainability.