About the field of activity

Waste and regulation

The EU's strict regulation of waste management results in significant spending by businesses and consumers. Using professionals with expertise in this area and carrying out a review of a company's waste management and operations can save significant amounts of money.

The EU is expected to introduce both material use and consumption targets from 2030 and to move towards a carbon neutral, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and fully circular economy by 2050.

Businesses and consumers not only find it difficult to keep up with constantly changing legislation, but sometimes lack the knowledge of how and where to start managing waste in a compliant way.

KONSUS supports the waste management sector

Managing waste correctly not only saves money, but also leads to more sustainable performance and a reduced ecological footprint.

KONSUS team of professionals advises companies whose production generates both ordinary and hazardous waste, as well as individuals who want to contribute to the preservation of nature.

KONSUS experts:

  • Answer to key environmental legal questions
  • Carry out environmental audits
  • Advise on the implementation and use of the various waste management systems (GPAIS)
  • Preparare environmental documentation.

Last updated: 31-03-2023